We want to be a small but exclusive partnership of interim executives. We therefore welcome new partners to join our firm, especially if they bring experience in different complementary sectors and positions.

Please find below the criteria you should meet if you would like to join us as a partner:

Professional experience in multinational companies:

  • More than 15 year, first or second management level
  • Held positions abroad, as a member of a multinational board or in multinational project teams
  • Completed at least one integration, restructuring or realignment project successfully

A university degree

The decisive factor for us is your personality:

  • Regular communication among the partners is essential to guarantee the high quality of our work.
  • We share a common focus on integration, restructuring and realignment in multinational companies as the basis for our business relationship.
  • Each partner is completely dedicated to the long-term success of the partnership.
  • You are prepared to take calculated risks in your mandates for our customers.

Would you like to join us?

Do you meet the above requirements? Ideally, do you complement our partnership with your experience in a different sector or industry? If so, we look forward to hearing from you.